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Meilleure plateforme de Trading par le site indépendant BrokerVergleich. Contactez-nous si vous avez besoin d'aide. JSM [day 2] RcppExamples 0. Paper describing the weaver package published in Computational Statistics Unmessing my pdfs.

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Tools for detecting influential data in mixed models Google Summer of Code Loading your network data. June View complete archive page PDQ 5. Influential data and racial prejudice R tips: Determine if function is called from specific package Who wants school vouchers? Simulate data from a logistic regression Example 7. Create a Fibonacci sequence R tips: I know it's been so long Find Amazon sales rank for a book ggplot2: Simple Analysis Missing data, logistic regression, and a predicted values plot or two Job grade plot Example 7.

Replicating a prettier jittered scatterplot Building R packages for Windows A recommended book cran2deb: Some detail on the last plot Obama approval useR in Rennes: Recap and slides Causal inference and biostatistics The Knapsack Problem Sometimes, you just need to use a plyr Presenting influence. A prettier jittered scatterplot R String processing Getting help with R. August View complete archive page Example 7. Have you ever heard about the 'animation package'?

Spearman's rank correlation coefficient and Kendall tau rank correlation coefficient Rcpp 0. Plot two empirical cumulative density functions using available tools. September View complete archive page R: A simple graphic of sales RInside release 0. Read a file with two lines per observation R Function of the Day: Select nested observations with equal number of occurences RGG Histograms Linking text, results, and analyses: Increasing transparency and efficiency R Function of the Day: Creating Repetitive Reports search the graph gallery from R new R package: Truncated Normal Distribution update on the ant package Learning ggplot2: October View complete archive page Adventures with Comcast: Advanced multiple barplot with SEM R 2.

Free statistics e-books for download Example 7. A simple genetic algorithm for parameters estimation Dianne Reeves: Public opinion on health care reform R Tutorial Series: Summary and Descriptive Statistics. The Hindu malapportionment in the U. Displaying missing value categories in a table RQuantLib 0. OpenMx with mixture distribution support Announcing R-bloggers.

Nov Sciviews R Tutorial Series: The Earth, with rings [S. Free GIS Resources ggplot2: R-Powered Web Apps ggplot2 Tutorial: Scatterplots in a Series of Small Multiples Lattice: An Addendum Because it's Friday: Gravity Wells External pointers with Rcpp Example 7.

Write a function to simulate categorical data Learning R via Python…or the other way around with video! Memory usage statistics by variable Example 7. Soical Network Analysis in R directlabels: Adding direct labels to ggplot2 and lattice plots Rcpp 0.

An interesting paper oro. Visualizing an email chain R tip: Finding the location of minimum and maximums R and Sudoku solvers: The fundamentals SoilWeb iPhone App: Sudoku via simulated annealing Siegel-Tukey: Matlab — a small example Bay Area meet-up Tuesday: John Chambers speaks, cocktail reception Rcpp 0. Dec - Jan Python in Sweave document Rcpp 0. Registration Open Because it's Friday: Regression With Categorical Variables. March View complete archive page abbreviating personality measures in R: Bubble plots colored by a fourth variable Finance:: A custom C function for R, My notebook.

Geometric mean Returns on Easter week and one week after R annoyances R: Backwards for loop Because it's Friday: Using Regular Expressions in R: Sampling from a pathological distribution Bayes fits the data less closely than maximum likelihood End of the month investment.

Which font uses the most ink? Graphing obesity trends JAGS 2. Welcome to our students! R is going to have a GUI to ggplot2! Propensity scores and causal inference from observational studies R: TikZ, Loops and more Because it's Friday: Maximum screen width Example 7. Summarising data using scatter plots alphahull: When infographics go bad R - not the epic fail we thought Rcpp 0. My notebook Slides from High-Performance Analytics webinar now available Get at least 12 observations before making a confidence interval?

Add reference lines to a plot; fine control of tick marks Anecdotal Evidence that Facebook Stores all Clicks? Author position and the h-index Because it's Friday: Our First Substantive Model Notice that even though output is in a log scale, output is Healthier than Drinking Alone Webinar: R analytics and Business Intelligence dashboards Example 7.

Ash Color choosing in R made easy R 2. Keep the console active in R Productivity Environment Random sudokus [p-values] highlight 0. A random walk though OOP land. What Social Network Analysis software do you use? Propensity score stratification An economist explains: Why I use R ggplot2: Step by Step Initial Post Connecting R and Python Revolution's roadmap Knowing whether a time-series has been differenced appropriately in order to make it stationary A new site for the R community: Introductory, Intermediate, and Advanced Resources You won, but how much was luck and how much was skill?

Developing a user-friendly regular expression function easyGregexpr Virtual Conference: Propensity score matching Displaying data using level plots The new GUI for ggplot2 using Deducer — the designer wants your opinion.

R Commander — logistic regression How to: Testing the proportionality assumption A quetion The police records for are out. Startup to watch The impact of the drug war in Mexico R: StatEt in Ubuntu Parallelization Notes from useR! The discrepancy in homicide data useR! Launch Party for Inside-R. Big-data beta testers R: Digits of Pi R goes to StackExchange oro. Taking R to the Limit: How Machines Work Poll: A journey of discovery In Search of Power-laws: A good career choice Rmetrics at useR!

Tips for the R beginner a 5 page overview Taking R to the Limit: What would a 25th, 50th, and 75th percentile soil profile look like? Using R for Introductory Statistics 3. Foxes on a Trampoline Finding out fast the classes of data. Gulf of Mexico oil spill extent Where have all the Hacker News old-timers gone?

Major feature set complete U. Animated Choropleth Maps use R! Suggestions for R-Chart iPhone App? JSM [day 2] RcppExamples 0. September View complete archive page Managing a statistical analysis project — guidelines and best practices Mandelbrot Set, evolved Plotting Time Series data using ggplot2 Moshtemp 5. Some hints for the R Beginner: Hadley Wickham Classification Trees using the rpart function Example 8.

Changing the reference category for categorical variables Install and load R package "Rcmdr" to quickly install lots of other packages R tee-shirt AQP Examples: Some benchmark results, and a benchmarking framework Dumping functions from the global environment into an R script file Three dimensional plots using rgl package New R User Group in Brisbane R Function Reference Who's the best all rounder in World Cup Cricket history? Who's the best bowler in World Cup Cricket history?

Who's the best batsman in World Cup Cricket history? Web Services for R Which functions in R base call internal code? Some useful bar plots using R Example 8. Drop Dead RcppArmadillo 0. Religion and reading level R SQL-ish aggregation plyr and reshape: What can other languages learn from R?

The stimulus, mapped Because it's Friday: Part 4 Lattice vs. R a programming language "on the rise" A million? My model fits too well! Margin of error, and comparing proportions in the same sample Prediction with Multilevel Regression Models, and Pizza Shravan Vasishth's Slog Statistics blog Those who know their class representative well. Especially in poor schools.

Which parents are satisfied with their child's education? Saptarshi Guha R Tutorial Series: Students in predominantly ethnic minority classes want segregated education very much.

Exact logistic regression Sweave Tutorial 3: Which variables contribute most to principal components? Slides from first Utah. Firth logistic regression Homage to floating points Retrieving transcriptome sequences for RNASeq analysis Were stock returns really better in than ?

A practical R book on Data Mining: R hackers for Revolution Its 9am, do you know what the traders are thinking? Using the caret package Feature selection: Using the caret package Assignment operators in R: Think different Example 8.

All-relevant selection with the Boruta package Feature selection: Looping through a set of graphics in odfWeave inline 0. Bike ride plot, part 1 ggplot2 change axis labels Modeling sound pressure level of a rifle shot Choropleth Maps of Presidential Voting. December View complete archive page Rearranging the office to find a fresh perspective. Updated and expanded The R Journal, Vol. The Facebook Map Age and happiness: The pattern isn't as clear as you might think Autocorrelation Matrix in R Has the seed that gets software development out of the stone-age been sown?

Mexico Homicides R function to convert degrees to radians Project Euler — Problem Some problems with the Mexican mortality database A plea for consistent style! Data-driven arterial input functions Stacked histogram with ggplot2 RcppExamples 0. Storing A inverse as a sparse matrix In The Wild: Fantasy football oops, soccer R: Switzerland, June R 2. Paul Post-estimation results manipulation: Submit your talks for the R user conference The ultimate exam excuse… pgfSweave 1.

R in a Nutshell by Joseph Adler In case you missed it: Missing reference in Monte Carlo Statistical Methods A lightweight object browser for R Easiest way to start imagining four-dimensional things is by Bipartite networks and R Statistical podcast: Best overall, home and away teams Survival paper update gnmplot prettyR R: An introduction for psychologists More climate extremes, or simply global warming? R Code for googleVis Demo R: Attack of the hair-trigger bees?

Now Easier to Install Maps with R, part December Revised market prediction distributions Creating prediction distributions How many of each gift did my true love give to me? Top 14 R posts, site statistics and invitation for sponsors Review: Statistical Analysis with R: February View complete archive page RStudio: Quantitative Finance in public beta OkCupid: Available Information Simulating second difference using Zelig Where should you publish that next paper?

MplusAutomation and Mplus Special Offer: Functions and environments and a debugging utility, oh my! How to use foreach and doSNOW packages for parallel computation. March View complete archive page Empirical software engineering is five years old What is R, really? Day 14 another R-course: R [re-]exam R GUIs: Which one fits you?

A simple RInside application Because it's Friday: Okay Typos sorted, at last! Plus de vidéos ProRealTime. Nos 2 offres de courtage. Créer votre compte gratuit en données journalières Demander votre essai en données temps réel et intraday.

ProRealTime est un logiciel de bourse en ligne et d'analyse technique. La technologie au service de votre réussite en bourse Analyse technique Plus de indicateurs, nombreux styles graphiques, spreads et bien plus. Fiabilité des données et historiques Flux à très faible latence en direct des bourses et historiques étendus. Backtesting de stratégies Tester et optimiser vos systèmes de trading avant de les utiliser en réel. Scan de marchés Scans personnalisables, palmarès, reconnaissance de figures chandeliers.

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