As promised, here mg forex corporation philippines are our forex durban Magic 10 Stocks. If you dont know yet about this strategy, it is important to read How to use Magic 10 method investing stocks. Todas las vedettes del momento y solo aqui en su pagina.

New technical indicators have been added to the mix 5.

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MG FOREX CORP - RM BPI PLAZA CERVANTES ST, BGY , ZONE BINONDO, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines. MG FOREX CORP. Flavors Philippines Inc SM Megamall, Julia Vargas Avenue Corner EDSA, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila Floor Center - Rosario.

It is this commitment that distinguishes MG from our competition. Strength in Our People Our greatest asset is our people. Valuing diversity, MGs talented team of employees represents an array of countries and languages to provide an advantageous range of perspectives.

Our firm continually strives for excellence and puts forth innovative ideas to maintain and enrich our role as a market leader. Safeguard Security is our biggest priority. We value our clients trust and remain committed to providing the utmost levels of security.

We take every precautionary measure to safeguard our clients information, financial assets and trading environment. To ensure the highest standards of protection, we were the first foreign exchange market maker to obtain Fidelity Bond insurance, effectively protecting our assets from fraud and embezzlement. We also enforce stringent guidelines to deter Money Laundering. Innovator Our objective is to keep our clients ahead of the curve. We equip our clients with the most advanced proprietary trading technologies.

With the advent of wireless handheld devices, we facilitated on-the-go trading by providing clients with alert! Analysis and Research We recognize that research and analysis are invaluable tools for our clients. We provide clients with in-depth analytical research from our own team of acclaimed analysts. They also contribute their expert commentary to our affiliate site, Forexnews.

This protects both the company and the trader. Only the Java platform is available in multiple languages: English, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, and German. A first-time trader can choose which version to demo and which type of account to select: The DealStation allows four types of trades: There are no change orders, only cancellation orders. All trades are confirmed through pop-up screens.

Any positions that are open by 3: EST will be assessed rollover fees. A trader can also earn rollover credits if certain requirements are met, as outlined on the site. That is, you can move the panels around and they can be minimized, maximized, cascaded, or tiled. The only chart that appears on the dashboard is a candlestick chart.

Additional charts bar and line graphs require a separate download. For more chart options, the trader can subscribe to and download additional software. A special e-mail alert news feature alert! These are all pieces of the puzzle for the trader to fit together himself. The maximum number of pairs that can be traded is shown in some places to be 10, in others to be Spreads are fixed at 3 to 8 pips.

Margins range from 1: Registering for a demo account is quick and easy, but applying for a live account is somewhat complex. The new user must wade through 4 sign-up screens, a 7-page Customer Agreement, with numerous places in which to sign or initial, and a 5-page application.

These must all be completed and faxed to the company for processing. Deposits and withdrawals also require paperwork. Deposits may only be made by check or wire. If an account slides into arrears, the trader will be assessed an interest rate equal to 3 percentage points above prime.

In fact, the company is so quiet, you may wonder what is going on. The site furnishes a New York address, but their trading window does not coincide with New York trading times.

Live chat also seems disabled. Any griping about the service has to do with spreads what else is new? This is truly a site for the hunter-gatherer. Registration is required to ensure the security of our users.

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