Forex Peace Army


They target these fair and honest businesses of good nature and intentions because they enjoy taking advantage of them and seem to delight in destroying and wreaking havoc on hard working organizations while stealing from everyone. The most ridiculous thing about this whole operation is the so-called ForexPeaceArmy Traders Court, a bogus court they use to label others a scam, when in truth they are the ultimate scam themselves.

New Performance Tests https: News to trade for today are Australia Interest Rate. There is 1 open case against FxClub. Alone, you are just another unhappy customer. Together, we are an army. Traders court verdict is out. On coming week we mostly will deal with tactical setups while gold is preparing big patterns on weekly chart: Weekly picture provides clear patterns that makes it easier to forecast price action on daily chart: Our monthly and weekly trading plan stands without big changes by far.

In shorter-term, although EUR keeps bullish context valid, 1. Weekly patterns gives clear trading setup and we will watch how it will be realized through the week. Sections of this page.

Email or Phone Password Forgot account? She advertised on Craigslist: This is strictly platonic business offer, sex not involved. Just ignore this site. After checking the address below one can learn that N. Beco Technologies Domain Name: Domain servers in listed order: ForexPeaceArmy FPA Traders Court, was implemented into their site and was supposed to be designed to allow members to vote on particular cases involving previously private conditions between customers and Forex brokers.

Felix Homogratus, Rob Grespinet and their associates essentially control the polls and the final outcome of the voting against whomever they are targeting to pressure and blackmail. All while the deletion of positive posts on their site and others happens simultaneously. It is a one way street, even though it seems impartial and that members are voting to decide whether or not a company is a scam, it is prejudiced, because the polls are fixed.

It looks like it gives the members the right to vote, but when a member votes in opposition to the preferred way of the FPA, the post is deleted or never posted at all. Now these businesses have banded together to help each other shine a spot light on a corrupt organization know as the Forex Peace Army.

The Forex Peace Army should be known to the whole world as an indecent and fraudulent operation. The website is marked forexpeaccearmy. Unfortunately this is not the first and only site they have maintained.

In the past they have lured victims with other organizational names and used other false identities. The legitimacy of this organization has frequently been put into doubt and is predecessor to some other same functioning like scams in the past.

Before the latest incarnation of FPA, the operators have used numerous business names and web addresses. By searching forexpeacearmy felix scam on your search engine to learn more. This person has a reputation of blackmailing against developing companies while also providing brokerage services on the Forex market with the sale of unprofessional signals to currency traders.

He uses these swindling techniques to make easy money both ways.