Forex Gap Strategy


i-GAP – indicateur de MetaTrader 5 est un Metatrader 5 (MT5) indicateur et l'essence de l'indicateur de forex est de transformer les données de l'histoire accumulée. i-GAP – indicateur de MetaTrader 5 prévoit la possibilité de détecter les différentes particularités et modèles dans la dynamique des prix qui sont invisibles à l'oeil nu.

When a new week starts look if there is a gap. Don't set a stop-loss or a take-profit level it's a rare occasion but stop-loss isn't recommended in this strategy. If Monday's open is above the Friday's close the gap is positive and you should open a Short position.

How to Trade?

The forex gap trading strategy is an interesting price action trading system that is based on a phenomenon known as the forex gap. This gap trading strategy is based on the daily timeframe and you don’t need any forex indicators for this.

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