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My spouse and I totally like your blog and find a lot of your articles to be precisely what I am interested in. Stock notes that you, too, can get daily rifle-shot clippings like this, on any keywords you want. En , il y avait plus de 2,4 milliards de téléphones cellulaires, tablettes et PC vendus dans le monde.

Qu'est-ce qu'une limite à la hausse/baisse ?

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Trait continu Trait pointillé. She suggests as alternatives take it offlist , or take it e2e email-to-email. This latter invention, back-formed from the common f2f -- face-to-face -- suggests extensions in different directions for other new media: He recently heard the new usage twice from apparently unrelated sources: The phrase to eat our own dog-food is well established to mean that software developers should actually use the products they develop.

As far as I know the term originated in internal Microsoft jargon. Here are Enger's sightings for the verbing of dog-food: We have to dog-food this architecture before we release it. We really need to dog-food this puppy.

Enger notes that a friend to whom he mentioned this latter usage was dismayed by the cannibalistic imagery. The term is a cyberspace variant on the paper-based RTFM [10] , though a more precisely analogous reading might be Surf the fine Website. Ippies , that's what, according to Adam Engst and Geoff Duncan who both qualify. I have been using "egosurfing" to have old friends locate me for about a year now.

See this unpublished page , which the search engines know about but no page points to. In a moment of reverse egosurfing Khare put up a link back to Cooper's page to facilitate the further researches of self-referential Net omphaloskeptics. John Le Carré no relation to Khare might have called this practice "taking back bearings," a term he coined in The Honourable Schoolboy for the art of tracking down opposing agents by divining patterns of damage in the institutional wreckage caused by an enemy mole.

The term has since been adopted at Langley, or so they tell me. I'd like to propose a related term that rises from a deeper stratum. Idsurfing is the practice of pulling search-engine hits from your own Web site's referrer log file and feeding the successful query strings to a browser. In its aggravated form, which we can call extreme idsurfing , you watch the log with the Unix command tail -f and backtrack your visitors' clickstreams in real time.

Don't have immediate access to your logs? Then pay a visit to Savvy Search's voyeur page , which displays a random selection of the strings the search engine's visitors feed it, refreshed every 20 seconds. If some particular search interests you, you can reissue it for yourself. Fasgrolia is defined as "the fast-growing language of initialisms and acronyms" in one of my favorite reference sources, Mrs. My copy is autographed. You haven't played "Dictionary" until you've played it using this reference work as the authority.

Internesia -- the growing tendency to forget exactly where in Cyberspace you saw a particular bit of information.

Jargon Invention Please drop a note to dawson at world dot std dot com if you can suggest a term befitting these conditions. Responses will be immortalized here. A bunch of friends have gotten in the habit of forwarding URLs among ourselves. It's easier to send just the URL than to excerpt and send commentary. So, what do you call the process of forwarding URLs to people, rather than forwarding real content?

I submit the verb to hurl , as in "What did you think of that dog site I hurled at you last week? It has the following features: Is the world crying out for one? F orwarding URL s. I can't think of what to call it myself, except to note it's in the position that nicknames go, and maybe something can be coined from that -- hey, maybe just "nick" or "nicking".

Aaron "feeling the pressure to be witty here" Hinkhouse Eric S. Spoils all our fun, does ESR. This [is] called an infix ; the emphatic form is "snarky infix": The term became common on the General Technics mailing list many years ago; the practice is very long established there, and indeed the composition of witty infixes has become an art form, with list messages frequently being elaborate setups for a punchline that is only revealed in the infix.

I was one early vector for the spread of the infix meme to USENET; I consciously started propagating this art form to other lists and newsgroups at least five years ago, at which time it was unknown outside the GT list. There were certainly others; at least two longtime GT people that I know of are a. Here for amusement and the interest of posterity are the deep thoughts of the twenty-one readers who tackled the question.

That would be internicking -- currently a public domain treat, but soon to be a commercial enterprise as all possible natural-language and other names and phrases become copyrighted material in the commerceweb. Internicking was suggested first by Ross O'Connell; see below. I suggesting they be known as intersigs. Someone who does it on a regular basis is an intersigger. Nickwitting ; the the instance would be called a nickwit.

Obviously, the term could then be used to describe one who overuses nickwits in their correspondences. Sawq for smart and well-read quote. Sawq could be pronounced either sock or sock-you. I'd call this a nicksig , considering both nick and sig are established onliner terms and the combination has a nice ring to it. It's clearly medianic infraquoture. A term of art already exists for such interjections. It is tmesis from Attic Greek signifying interjecting a word or phrase between parts of a compound word, or sometimes, between syllables of a word.

An example of the latter would be "hu-flinking-mongous" A proper name would certainly count as a compound word form. E-mesis might be a humourous net variant. The word emesis in clinical medicine refers to a sort of drool. As far as I know, the practice did originate on alt. Bottom line; take your pick from interpolation , epenthetic , and internym.

A short quote as a nickname is a nickphrase. How about calling it a nicknature or nickture i. You could call them infigs acronym for "infix sig". I think it already has a name I've always liked calling them quotonyms. Interesting glitches arise from the literalness with which texts are copied on the web. You reported one instance, although you were making a different point: I wrote at the bottom of my page "Copyright, all rights: I recently downloaded a tax form in pdf from the IRS site.

When I printed it I found at the bottom the recycling symbol and the words "printed on recycled paper. Five readers have weighed in. Or perhaps he's just pointing out that I had already done so. You seem to have an example of a Hong Kong copy on the Jargon Scout page itself, when you quote Bill Cheswick as writing I have been using "egosurfing" to have old friends locate me for about a year now.

C2C obsolete; P2P is now preferred. Emailing just URLs A short quote as a nickname [definitively settled]. Information Technology Problem Resolution Advisor. Now, the hilarious thing about this is that you make unpublished page a hyperlink