Forex Spread Betting


Spread betting on the other hand is all about the short term.

Is it Halal or Haram for Muslims to trade forex?

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It has almost been two months since Britain voted to leave the EU. But what impact did the unexpected vote have on the markets? In this infographic we explore the macro-economic impacts the vote had on the markets.

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One of the reasons people choose to trade indices is to broaden their positions to help to mitigate the volatility associated with assets such as commodities. Find the best online broker for you What do you want to trade? Forex If you trade currencies also known as forex trading , select this. This allows us to match you with a broker that allows forex trading. Stocks If you trade stocks or bonds, mutual funds, treasuries etc select this.

This allows us to match you with a broker that allows you to trade stocks. Commodities If you trade commodities e. This allows us to match you with a broker that allows you to trade commodities. Indices If you trade indices e. Is spread betting allowed in Islam?

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah, I pray this finds you in the best of health and states. And Allah knows best. Read these QA to learn more.. You can read more about it here: But is working on a betting company as a software engineer is forbidden or bad as well? Last week I had an interview with a company, they are betting company and looking for a software engineer.

But now for Dawa purpose and for spreading pure Islam irrespective of any sects in that Mosque we made a n entry again few days ago. But that Imam is still there and we offer Salah behind him. As we are there only to spread real Islam and our presence and offering Salah in that Mosque seems important to us.

But a few of the youth of ours repeat the Salah individually and some do not agree to offer Salah behind that Imam but it is felt that our presence is important there so that we can spread teachings of Quran and Sahi Hadith and Pure Tawheed. Now please reply to us in the context of Quran, Sahi Hadith and ijma that: Can we offer Salah behind that Imam in these conditions?

Shall we need to repeat the Salah? Shall we not offer Salah behind that Imam?