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I'm trying to use the JQuery plugin Cycle2 from Malsup. The demo for Multiple Pager is:Reviews: 2.

For a fullscreen slideshow effect.

What We’ll Be Using for Our Example

Change the function name to use old and new cycle plugin on same page.

I updated your fiddle so that the animation is faster en the blockquote has a background color: You can set the rotation speed how long slides are staying on screen with the data-cycle-timeout:. Your issue is caused by the sync option with its default value of true in combination with your setting of the fx option to fadeout. If true then animation of the incoming and outgoing slides will be synchronized.

If false then the animation for the incoming slide will not start until the animation for the outgoing slide completes. There is no description provided for the fadeout transition, but observation indicates that it does just that: This is in contrast to the default crossfade behaviour which fades the initial slide out and the new slide in.

I would have thought using fadeout would be fine: Instead, the new slide appears at the same time that the fadeout begins. What I would do is let Cycle2 perform its default crossfade effect and set the sync option to false. Here is a JSFiddle to demonstrate. Here's an SO question that addresses this specifically. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Bill the Lizard k ShibinRagh 4, 1 17 I also load my own file, Myjquery. I thought it would do the job but it doesn't affect the slide shows - from which I have removed timeout and fx, obviously. Cycle2 plugin set options programatically 5 years ago.

The key is to call cycle one time, not twice. Leave a comment on jakecigar's reply. Fadein refers to a different slide method. I have several pauseToggle functions to control different slide shows on the same page. Leave a comment on geobell's reply. Were you using cycle2? You would have to scrap your code and start all over with a demo from the site. It is just that my Myjquery. The code is taken from the cycle2 site but I must have some sort of implemention or syntax error in my file.

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