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A list of Forex Brokers that offer the cTrader Platform. This STP platform precludes any dealer intervention, shows Depth of Market and provides cAlgo for the creation of .

MaxFX no longer supports cTrader. Main page Trading Platforms cTrader cTrader We are pleased to offer you a new highly effective and user-friendly platform designed especially for ECN trading — cTrader.

Fast Entry and Execution

Trade global markets with a platform designed specifically for True ECN connectivity. cTrader’s unique design, elegant user interface and advanced features make it a favourite for discretionary Forex traders.

Alternatively you can trade through order screens, chart context menus, or directly from the chart Chart Trading. Cloud technology and Data centers colocated with major aggregators, ECNs and liquidity providers guarantee low latency and the fastest order execution on the market. Orders are executed against the full order book using Volume Weighted Average Price.

High liquidity, asynchronous spot prices and low latency guarantee the tightest possible spreads. Using three presentation modes Single-Chart, Multi-Chart and Detached Chart and three different layouts, you can view the markets exactly the way you want to. Analyse the markets by using our extensive indicator library, build your own custom indicators or combine indicators together by using one as a source for another.

Share snapshots of your analysis with other traders or publish your charts directly to forums and social networks using the ChartShot feature. You can even embed and share live charts or market watch tiles using our innovative ChartCasts. Taking a snapshot of your chart in its current form, with your timeframe, zoom level, technical analysis and color schemes intact, will create a unique URL which is opened immediately with multiple sharing options available.

ChartShots allows traders to easily share ideas, trading examples and technical analysis strategies with other users for demonstration or collaboration purposes. Our Proxy connection settings allow for easy connectivity from any location, bypassing corporate or public firewalls which can often disrupt connection to trading platform servers and other services.

Users can also view charts on 6 different zoom levels for an in-depth or birds-eye view of currency price action. Traders are given all the tools necessary for effective technical analysis, including all major trend indicators, oscillators, volatility measures and other major indicators, all accessible from directly within the chart. The technical indicator toolbar can be moved to any side of the chart to allow you the easiest access that suits your trading.

Traders using our algorithmic trading platform cAlgo can create their own custom indicators for use in manual or automated trading. Developers can specify any parameters and visual styles for the indicators. Organize a list of your most frequently traded currency pairs for fast and easy access from the Favorites list.

Templates are shared between cTrader and cAlgo for easy access when switching between manual and live algorithmic trading. One click and double click trading are available from the top of every chart for any currency.

Together with our lightning-fast execution speeds, this gives traders the fastest possible market entry options. Trade with as many accounts and different base currencies as you are comfortable with. Easily switch between multiple demo and live accounts in two clicks using the Account Bar. Client and trader feedback are at the top of our consideration when deciding on new releases. Which of them is pure STP broker? Thanks for your answer!

True, both went out of business as a result of dramatic CHF move on January 15, Pepperstone now offers cTrader. Welcome to experience the Broker Search on a whole new level!

MaxFX no longer supports cTrader. Is there a possibility to add AvaTrader and Market solutions to your platform please.

Please can you add FXTM broker to your list. Invast Global not offer CTrader anymore. Tradeview broker offers ctrader platform. Thinkforex is not offering ctrader on their UK website. MB Trading no longer offering cTrader Do you know another cTrader Forex broker? What code is in the image? How to choose a Forex broker? How to become a Forex broker? Introducing broker vs White Label?

Margin calls vs Stop out levels? Market vs Instant execution? New Poll How many brokers have you changed during the 1st year of Live trading?:. I stayed with my first broker. Top 10 Forex brokers Alexa.

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