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What binary options are, how they work and where you can legally trade them in the United States.

They are all geared to report on the company as a whole - not the portion attributable to a stock. Now this Remington is rocking AI detachable box magazines. The second sheet of the Dividend Vs Growth Portfolio spreadsheet where cash draws are modeled seems to show this protection from sequence of returns risk. The key is to stay disciplined in implementing your research and in assessing its performance by monitoring and adjusting. As any excited shooter or gunsmith would, we fitted it to a barrelled action and got shooting.

Haven’t I seen this rifle before?

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Incredible detail in a very good MikeIsaac story about internal Facebook outrage about Kaplan's appearance at the Kavanaugh hearing http: It's amusing when Facebook employees occasionally realize they work for the moral equivalent of big tobacco.

Hundreds of Facebook employees are outraged by Joel Kaplan's appearance at Judge Kavanaugh's hearing, per sources. Facebook is planning to hold a town hall meeting with senior executives, including Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg, tomorrow. One could argue many things could unravel Facebook, however, not being able to keep talent or recruit new talent is top the list. Facebook employees are flipping out that one of their own appeared at the Kavanaugh hearings, per dseetharaman Prediction: New Ways to Connect with Friends on Instagram.

Instagram launches scannable Nametags, tests school networks for teen growth. Instagram nametags let you find users without remembering their names. Instagram adds another Snapchat feature, will allow users to add friends using nametags. How to create your own Instagram nametag that people can scan to follow you.

Instagram uses Snapchat-like tags to make adding friends easier. Instagram is now adding expanded profiles for college students. Facebook is Benjamin Buttoning itself all the way back to the beginning http: Reckless campaign of cyber attacks by Russian military intelligence service exposed. The fur is not gonna fly: Uncle Sam charges seven Russians with Fancy bear hack sprees.

DOJ charges seven Russian officials for hacking doping critics. Justice Department files criminal charges against seven Russian spies over Fancy Bear cyberattacks. Britain says Russian military intelligence behind host of global cyber attacks. Justice Department charges 7 Russian intelligence officers. DOJ indicts 7 Russian spies for cyber crimes. Four Russian hackers were caught plotting to hit the chemical weapons watchdog. Dutch government says it disrupted Russian attempt to hack chemical weapons watchdog.

We have identified that a number of cyber actors widely known to have been conducting attacks around the world are, in fact, the GRU. Read the Foreign Secretary's statement here: USAttyBrady announces the indictment of 7 officers in the Russian Main Intelligence Directorate GRU for computer hacking, wire fraud, aggravated identity theft, and money laundering https: In connection with the unsealing of the indictment, the FBI seized the http: Another really important indictment pointing to the Russian government's ongoing hacking and information operations http: Except it's not ISIS, according to the Brits, who today published a report saying the CyberCaliphate is actually Russia's military intelligence service http: Russia has denied hacking allegations.

For people claiming that indictments of foreign nation state cyber operatives won't have any effects, here is a counterexample. These folks were conducting close-access ops against hard targets requiring travel.

They won't be able to do that anymore Oddly they also targeted the Malaysian Airlines crash investigation. Dutch expelled Russians over GRU plot targeting global chemical weapons watchdog http: More evidence of how Russia uses cyber attacks as a weapon against other countries. Disinformation campaigns to undermine our democracy are just a selection of the tools in their armoury.

Further evidence that the international rules-based system is under attack from reckless actors. I am Russian hacker. Book a ride with the Google Assistant. You can now use the Google Assistant to order an Uber or Lyft. New Google Assistant ride sharing integration can help you book a Lyft, Uber. Google Assistant now helps you book taxis. Easily book an Uber or Lyft using Google Assistant voice commands. You can now book a Lyft or Uber ride with your Google Assistant.

Google Assistant will soon let you book a ride and choose a vehicle. Google Assistant finally lets you book Uber, Lyft rides. Google Assistant can now help book rides from Uber, Lyft, and others. Google Assistant can help compare ride-hailing prices and summon a ride. Google Assistant's newest feature helps users book rides.

You can now ask Google to book you an Uber or Lyft by voice — here's how. New Macbooks and Imacs will brick themselves if they think they're being repaired by an independent technician.

Apple will say it's for security reasons—and it kinda is—but it's also not. Apple is doing it to be a turd and it's shameful that it's not illegal. Apple has introduced proprietary software locks into the new MacBook Pros that will prevent anyone except Apple from fixing them: If you live somewhere without an authorized Apple service provider, e.

Here's the money quote: Apple is fighting this Instagram prototyping feature that would share your detailed location data with Facebook. Uber Drives the Vote. Planning to Vote in the November Election? Why Most Americans Probably Won't.

Uber will offer free rides to the polls on Election Day. Uber joins Lyft in offering rides to voters for the midterm elections. Uber is offering free rides to the polls for the US midterm elections. You know what would be amazing, if Uber, Lyft and the rest sent everyone a text message the day before election day with their closest polling place and if they request a ride to it with Uber pool, to make the ride free on election day.

The marketing would far exceed the cost. Amazon's Alexa Skills can borrow each other's tricks now. Alexa's skills can now work together, initially for bookings and printing. I am very excited to announce that we release the preview of Skill Connections! There is a ton to unpack in this but the main takeaway I have: HMD unveils Nokia 7. This Android One-powered affordable handset …. Nokia will start rolling out Android Pie updates this month. Android Pie updates, Fitbit Charge 3 coming soon, and other news worth knowing.

Yep, Yahoo is returning to the messaging space today after closing its older app due to lack of use. The new Yahoo Together app is a blatant rip-off of Slack.

Yahoo Together group chat app organizes conversations by topic. Yahoo returns to messaging with group chat app Yahoo Together.

Squirrel relaunched as Yahoo Together, a Slack-like chat app for family and friends. Bird will start delivering electric scooters straight to people's houses. Nintendo may refresh Switch hardware next year. Nintendo plans new Switch hardware for release, report says. New Nintendo Switch may arrive in , report says. Nintendo plans new version of the Switch which could effect jailbreaking. What we want to see from new Nintendo Switch hardware.

Nintendo could Switch things up with an updated console in Nintendo reportedly releasing a new Switch model next year.

A new Nintendo Switch is reportedly arriving next year. Nintendo Plans a New Switch for Nintendo Switch is getting a makeover in to maintain sales momentum. Nintendo is reportedly planning to release a new Switch next year. A new and improved Nintendo Switch will reportedly launch next year. Nintendo to launch new Switch console as soon as next summer. New Nintendo Switch planned for Nintendo to launch updated Switch console in New version of Nintendo Switch may arrive as soon as summer next year, sources say.

Machine specs not finalized yet, but one option is improvement on display. Spotify for Podcasters gives any podcaster the ability to syndicate ….

Spotify opens up its podcasts section to all. So proud to announce that our team has launched the beta for Spotify for Podcasters! Now anyone can submit their podcast to Spotify and see daily detailed stats for their episodes. More cool stuff is coming down the pike! Hundreds of Bitcoin ATMs due to open as companies take advantage of economic crisis.

Virtual Mining Bitcoin News: Argentina might be getting Bitcoin ATMs by early Dell unveils the The New Alienware m Alienware has unleashed the M15, its thinnest gaming PC yet. Dell announces the Alienware m15 gaming laptop with lightweight and slim design.

Alienware's m15 gaming laptop is its thinnest computer ever. Early on, Bond wins an Aston-Martin in a poker game. The game is baccarat rather than poker, but the stakes still run high tens of millions of francs. In Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest , the crew of the Flying Dutchman play liar's dice with the only thing they have left to wager - the years of service they owe to the ship.

Will wagers his soul, meaning an eternity of service, against Jones to goad him into wagering the key to the chest containing his Soul Jar. Will's father takes the hit for him, only for Will to reveal he just wanted to see where Jones kept the key. The entire premise of Diggstown revolves around a high stakes boxing bet. In Intacto , the characters play strange gambling games, with the winner's taking the losers' luck, which is a tangible resource. Tarantino's short "The Man from Hollywood" in Four Rooms involves one character betting he can light his Zippo 10 times in a row.

He fails to even light it once. The Saw series of films is based entirely around extremely dangerous, torturous games. Jack wins his ticket on board in a poker game. The gamblers know it's a valuable thing to be betting, but only the audience knows how high the stakes really are. Kevin Smith financed the movie by hocking valuable comic books and buying supplies on his credit card.

Had the movie flopped or not been picked up by a major studio, he'd have been left with tens of thousands in high-interest debt with no real job prospects. God and the Devil play a poker hand over Bobby's soul. God raises the stakes, by allowing the Devil to consider any soul available for stealing the Devil can only offer a contract if the person offers his soul first ; the Devil folds.

God bluffed him out of his full house with a busted flush, and won. Space Jam involves familiar Looney Tunes characters playing a basketball game against their would-be alien abductors.

If the aliens win, the Looney Tunes characters will become slaves on the aliens' homeworld. If the Looney Tunes win, the aliens will leave them in peace. When Michael Jordan learned the aliens became monstrosities or Monstars, as they were called by stealing the talent of other professional basketball players, he talked the Big Bad into raising the stakes. If the Looney Tunes win, the aliens will not only leave them in peace as originally agreed but also give the talent back to their rightful owners.

If the aliens win, Jordan, like the Looney Tunes, will also become a slave. In In Time , people can literally gamble away portions of their lifespan through variety games such as poker. There's also a game simply called "fighting" where contestants try to pull the lifespan directly out of each other. In the movie The Controller , a businessman's wife is kidnapped, and her captors order him to play and win at a video game with her life forfeit if he loses.

The problem is that he's never played a video game in his life. A Big Hand For The Little Lady focuses on a yearly poker game played by "western rules" in which there are no table stakes. You can raise the bet to as much wealth as you can possibly raise. The film revolves around a hand in which a lady must run around town trying to find someone to lend her the funds to call an astronomical raise.

Star Wars In Episode I: The Phantom Menace , a dice game is used to decide whether Anakin Skywalker or his mother will go free. Qui-Gon Jinn cheats and uses the Force to flip the dice such that Anakin gets to go free. Qui-Gon also wagers the ship the main cast came to Tatooine on, which would leave them stranded with no way to stop the Trade Federation if they lost.

Sabaac is a well-known card game played by criminals and smugglers across the galaxy where you're allowed to wager anything , slaves, land, any amount of wealth, you name it. Han Solo won the Millennium Falcon from Lando this way, and this was also the way he got the planet that he took Leia to after "kidnapping" her in the expanded universe novel, The Courtship of Princess Leia. Around the World in 80 Days If he doesn't, he'll have to destroy his lab and never invent anything again.

The final scene has Emmett Fitz-Hume and Austin Millbarge working on "peaceful negotiations for nuclear disarmament" with the Russian government read: If he wins, he gets 2 million rubles, but if he loses, he has wasted years of his life. Stephen King 's The Ledge - A man is forced to walk around the ledge of a skyscraper.

If he succeeds, he will get large amounts of money and the wife of his tormentor. This was later adapted into a segment in Cat's Eye. Roald Dahl The Man from the South - This story has the protagonist make a wager that he can light his Zippo ten times in a row without failing. If he wins, he gets a Cadillac, but if he loses, his pinky finger will be cut off. This was later twice adapted into episodes of Alfred Hitchcock Presents one during the original series, one during the revival , and a segment in the film Four Rooms.

This one revolves around a man who accepts a bet that he can identify which wine is being served, right down to its vineyard of origin. If he wins, he gets his opponent's daughter's hand in marriage, but if he loses, he must give up both of his houses. Briefly, whoever wins the quadriennial tournament becomes emperor. Uncommonly people even bet limbs or lives on the outcome. The game is meant as a metaphor for life and the psychology of the player, so when a Culture citizen defeats the ministers of state and then the emperor, using the ideas of the Culture, the culture shock is immense.

In Consider Phlebas we're introduced to Damage. Each player brings a team of Lives mostly depressives, members of suicide cults, and other volunteers and when the player loses a hand, one of the Lives is killed. When the player runs out of Lives, it's their own life on the line. Oh, and it's played in the most dangerous places in the galaxy - the game we see on-page takes place on a world in the process of being demolished. The businessman says that he will extend a position if the guy can swim a stretch of water which he himself did in his youth, but which will be difficult for the Remittance Man on account of his wild lifestyle.

Grand Central Arena by Ryk E. Spoor features an artificial construct where competitions are indeed serious business: William Sleator 's Interstellar Pig revolves around the titular board game that is eventually revealed to be more than it seems with stakes that involve more or less the complete destruction of every planet in the universe except one, or, it would seem, just one.

The actual stakes are ambiguous, however. The Game-Players of Titan is concerned with the fictional game "Bluff" where players wager spouses and entire cities among other things. One of the individuals is a volunteer he used to live there and is confident he can survive and the other is a human who is kidnapped along with some other people.

This qualifies not only for the individuals, who face death as failure, but also for the Star Kings who are wagering worlds for the winner. Richard Connell's short story, The Most Dangerous Game , features a big-game hunter who must consent to be hunted by a Cossack aristocrat on a deserted island, or be whipped to death.

The pivotal element of the Indian epic, the Mahabharata , is a high-stakes game of dice between the Pandavas and the Kauravas, which ends up with Pandavas forfeiting their kingdom and spending 13 years in the jungles because they lost. It's at that point that it occurs to her to ask what the stakes are, and is told "Exactly what you think they are. The only one to ever win was Granny Weatherwax playing for a little girl because Death lost on purpose.

This is pretty much the whole point of The Hunger Games. Less so in the sequels, as by that point, a Civil War has erupted. In the Secret Histories novel Casino Infernale , Eddie and Molly infiltrate the eponymous casino, where the stakes are people's souls. A downplayed example in The Courtship of Princess Leia. Force Sabaac is a known if obscure variant of the standard Star Wars card game, and Han legitimately worked his way up from high-but-reasonable stakes until he held some million credits when he went head-to-head with an eccentric alien warlord.

But the fact remains that he sat down to a card game and walked away with the deed to a planet. Death World opens with Kirk Pyrrus needing three billion credits to pay for a shipment of weapons, but only 27 million to pay with. He makes Jason dinAlt, professional gambler with the ability to control dice , an offer he can't refuse: On the final roll of the dice, with two billion riding on the outcome, Jason's powers desert him.

The Night Circus has the Challenge where two magicians pit their proteges who use the entire circus as their exhibit without knowing the rules or how to win the competition.

They later find out the Challenge ends when one student breaks first and only when one competitor kills themselves does the contest conclude. Every year, teenage boys are chosen from thousands of volunteer applicants to take part in an endurance walking contest. There are no stops or rest periods, and the Walk only ends when 99 of them are dead.

The last survivor receives "The Prize": Around the World in 80 Days: Phileas Fogg wages half his fortune that he can travel around the world in eighty days and expects the other half to be spent on his efforts to win. If he wins, he'll have as much money as he'd have if he never entered the bet. If he loses, he's broke.

String Theory has a pandimensional casino frequented by the Q and other non-corporeal entities where gamblers wager pandimensional deeds to any number of interstellar objects from asteroids to nebula.

Some patrons are know to be "destroyers" who delight in destroying whatever object they just won, especially if it has any sentimental value to whoever just lost it.

It also inspired the segment of Four Rooms mentioned above in Film. Angel In 'Double Or Nothing' in season 3, it is revealed that Gunn had sold his soul to a casino-owning demon years earlier in return for his truck. To save him, Angel played cards against the demon double-or-nothing with his own soul on the line. In a twist, Angel lost the game, but then beheads the casino owner and asks all of the casino patrons and staff how much they had owed him as well.

Season 4 featured a Las Vegas casino which forced Lorne to read the destinies of casino patrons; those with "good" destinies Fortune, fame, political power, etc. They are never told that they are risking their futures on the spin, and the game itself is rigged to always lose; afterwards they become aimless, nearly-mindless casino patrons who spend all their time pointless shuffling coins into slot machines. Angel himself is tricked into putting down a chip onto the game, but is saved when the team busts up the operation at the end of the episode.

He and Boss Hogg play a hand of poker against each other, with both ultimately betting everything they own. Roscoe wins and declares "I just made the richest man in Hazzard the poorest in the state!

Why don't you add some 20 pesos? To add some excitement. Rygel on Farscape is prone to this. To distract a pirate crew that boarded Moya as well as alleviate his own boredom in one episode, Rygel played a low-stakes game of Tadek with the crew's captain. When Rygel accidentally revealed Moya had recently hosted a fugitive the pirate's were hunting, the game suddenly turned extremely high-stakes with Rygel forced to wager the location of the man and their shipmates in exchange for his life.

The pirate captain won, but it turns out that the entire thing was a Batman Gambit and that Rygel intentionally threw the game which itself was quite a challenge because his opponent was a horrible player once he realized that unless the pirates thought they would leave with something of particular value, they would have simply killed everyone aboard when they departed regardless of an earlier promise to leave them in peace.

For good measure, Rygel had pilot change their Comms frequencies the moment the pirates boarded, and the frequency he gave to pay his wager was a fake, leading the pirates on a wild goose chase far from their actual target. Rygel is less than successful on other occasions, however, having been defeated when gambling for food in a later episode. In the novel House of Cards he also loses Moya to a local despot entirely.

To Rygel's credit, however, his opponents cheated in both cases and it is clearly established that Rygel is a highly skilled gambler, even at games he is initially unfamiliar with.

Then the protagonists show up and verify one of the tickets is a multi-million dollar winner. After putting the money in the pot, they tell the players to just show their hands, as the pot is now so big no one is going to let themselves be bluffed out of it. In Season 2 Luther encounters two brothers who commit random acts of violence decided by the throw of a dice. One brother offers to help capture the other if he loses a throw; unfortunately Luther loses.

The police then find the brother, but he's got a Dead Man's Switch and an explosive vest. So Luther pours petrol on himself, throws him a lighter and offers to decide the matter on a dice throw as well. If Luther can guess what number has come up, the man will surrender, if not Luther goes up in smoke.

But he has to deactivate the switch anyway to roll the dice, as he has Luther's lighter in his other hand. Luther who is wired for sound then tells the snipers where to shoot. The Middleman - Shabumi. This one is based on skill, run by an eccentric millionaire, and highly unusual. Every card has its own name. There are unique physical and verbal challenges to every hand. And if anyone shows the slightest ignorance of the game's byzantine rules, they are decapitated by [ His prize is the official schematics for the Lunar Landing Sound Stage he entered the game with a buy-in of The Missing and-a-half Minutes.

When our heroine joins the game, she is dealt a deck of cards The game ends when a player builds a five-foot-tall house of cards with his hand, but is caught with a glue stick. After going all in, the woman who holds his gambling debts goads him into betting more: He accepts, and loses. When it turns out he never had the manuscript, the woman claims his wife's share of the book store as well, as recompense.

Lucky is a series about a professional gambler, this trope was almost bound to make an appearance. Lucky, is forced into playing a game of pool in which the stakes are threefold: Unfortunately, he stands to lose one or more of those things even if he wins In "Stairway to Heaven", a small society meets annually and plays faro for the chance to die in controlled circumstances and be revived in an effort to learn about the afterlife.

One of the players extols the pure chance of the game allowing everyone to have the same chance of winning, but it turns out one of the players cheated with marked cards. A NewsRadio episode has Jimmy lose Bill's employment contract in a poker game. Supernatural In season 5 the boys come across a traveling witch-gambler that plays poker for years of peoples lives instead of money; the loser instantly ages the number of years that they have lost, while the winner remains young for that much longer.

The witch is not particularly mean-spirited and doesn't cheat, he just wants to keep living himself. He will sometimes take pity on his opponents who are desperate for more time of their own, as was the case of an old man just wanting a few more years to see his grandkids grow up; he folded his own hand so that the old man would get the years. This is known as writing an option and explains one of the main sources of options, since neither the associated company nor the options exchange issues options.

When you write a call, you may be obligated to sell shares at the strike price any time before the expiration date. When you write a put, you may be obligated to buy shares at the strike price any time before expiration. Trading stocks can be compared to gambling in a casino , where you are betting against the house, so if all the customers have an incredible string of luck, they could all win. Trading options is more like betting on horses at the racetrack.

There they use parimutuel betting, whereby each person bets against all the other people there. The track simply takes a small cut for providing the facilities. So, trading options, like the horse track, is a zero-sum game. The option buyer's gain is the option seller's loss and vice versa. Any payoff diagram for an option purchase must be the mirror image of the seller's payoff diagram. The price of an option is called its premium. The buyer of an option cannot lose more than the initial premium paid for the contract, no matter what happens to the underlying security.

So, the risk to the buyer is never more than the amount paid for the option. The profit potential, on the other hand, is theoretically unlimited. In return for the premium received from the buyer, the seller of an option assumes the risk of having to deliver if a call option or taking delivery if a put option of the shares of the stock.